A custom health food display in Ft. Lauderdale.

Custom Health Food Displays In Ft. Lauderdale Can Make Your Products Stand Out.

There is a problem with health food in that it doesn’t “stand out”. An organic apple is no prettier than a non-organic one. In fact, quite often the reverse is true. But, of course, the profits in this example are in organic. Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can help to make your products stand out and improve the customer experience.

Cepero Remodeling makes display stands of every description and all to your own design if you wish. Alternatively, with our long experience of creating unique display stands we can offer you many ideas for POS displays that will increase sales and profits.

For instance, you could have a single sided display stand showing a range of health foods of a particular brand. A box at the top of the display housing a video screen can have an actor describing the benefits of the products on an ongoing loop which will attract customer attention and promote sales for you: it would not be economic to have a member of staff standing there all day doing the same thing.

Not Just Products

Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale business don’t just have to display products. You can create a display stand that holds leaflets and flyers that describe the benefits of products. An island stand with shelves for products on all four sides located near the store entrance could promote “health food of the week” or “special offer of the week”.

Single sided display units can be designed with automatic feed, keeping the product at the front of the shelf as the sale is made and improving range visibility. Shelf lighting can be added to highlight displays, drive additional traffic, improve the consumer experience, and increase the amount of time spent in the section, all leading to increased sales. Display units can have a curved front which breaks up the normal linear look of the gondola and catches attention.

Our custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can also be designed to be wall-mounted. In fact the possibilities for custom displays are virtually limitless. Cepero Remodeling has been in the business of designing and producing them for years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly come over to your store and discuss your ideas.

Custom Liquor display in Miami

Liquor Store Custom Displays & Cabinets: What’s so Special?

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing very exciting about liquor. It’s mostly either clear (gin and vodka for instance) so it looks like water, or various shades of brown. True, there’s red wine and port, but they come in dark green or dark brown bottles so they look almost black. So how do you make liquor stand out in Miami displays?

The answer is in Miami liquor store displays – custom displays or kiosks for your store, more specifically. The accent is on the word custom – designed and built just for your store. So no other liquor store in Miami – or anywhere else for that matter – will have a display like yours. Yours is unique.

At Cepero Remodeling we have been designing and building custom liquor in-store displays as well as custom product shelving for many years, and we know how to provide affordable shelving and fixtures, and retail display units for liquor stores and wine shops.

Strong: That’s What Our Cabinets Are

One obvious fact is that shelving for liquor has to be strong, because many bottles together add up to a heavy weight. Gondola shelving is very often used by liquor stores and it can be designed as gondola wall units, or double sided gondola units, with gondola end caps in addition.

Many liquor stores use gondola wall shelving that is 6’ to 8’ high with bases of 20” to 24”. Deeper bases allow for more liquor bottles on the bottom of the unit. If using double sided gondola units on the sales floor it is usually recommended that they be no more than 5’ high for security purposes, so that you can easily see over the top. A gondola unit of that height will usually allow for a base and three shelves.

Ivory And Black

Miami liquor store displays – custom – are often ordered in ivory, although it has to be said that black provides what many think is a more classy look.

Because all of the liquor store displays that we design are custom-designed and custom-built, it follows that you can have a channel on the front of the shelves to hold display labels, channel label holders, decorative vinyl inserts, and sign holders. In addition, you can have gondola shelf dividers, gondola fences, and gondola baskets in order to organize your liquor bottle displays and other merchandise.

In addition, many liquor store owners planning Miami liquor store displays – custom – opt for specially designed shelving for inventory. While it has no need to look as appealing as a front of house display, inventory needs to be easy to identify and easy to pick up to move to the retail area.

At Cepero Remodeling we can also design custom checkouts, display tables, register stands, and more, to match the theme of your store. Just call us for details. We’re the #1 designer of custom cabinets for both businesses and homeowners in Miami and all of South Florida!

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