A custom numerical control machine in West Palm Beach.

The CNC Design of Furniture for West Palm Beach Homes and Businesses

Right, we’re going to get all techie on you now! We happen to be one of the very few businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach that owns and operates a custom numerical control (CNC) machine.

Huh? What’s a custom numerical control machine and why should I care?

A custom numerical control machine is an amazing piece of machinery that makes designing and producing custom furniture a lot easier than it used to be. Our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach homes and businesses can produce anything that you need very quickly, and everything will be unique to you and your business or your home.

Flexibility via CNC Design Technology

Custom machining permits product flexibility. The starting materials may be in sheets, solid blocks, or rolls, and a skilled machinist can turn that material into anything that you wish with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach businesses or homeowners. Any type of part or item of any shape or size, and as complex as you need it to be.

So, for instance, you may own a store in West Palm Beach and need a custom display stand in order to promote your products. We can design and produce it for you exactly as you wish, and it will be unique to your store. Nobody else will have one quite like it. It is not just a question of being unique, but displaying products to the best advantage to produce more sales: the bottom line is what is most important.

Display units can be single sided for positioning against a wall or freestanding double sided to be used as an island unit.

Custom Office Furniture for Your Home or Business

We can design and create custom office furniture – desks, cabinets, tables, chairs – anything that you can think of can be produced with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach residents and businesses.

Of course, because it is a machine we can produce one item or a thousand, as required. If you have an idea for a unique product that you want to sell, we can produce it on our machine and reproduce it as often as you wish. If you need 100 a month or 1,000 a month it can be done.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we can build custom designed cabinetry in any shape, size, and finish that you desire. There really are limitless possibilities with custom numerical control machining: the world is your oyster.

Talk to us about your requirements for display stands, furniture, or products of any description. We will be happy to visit you and answer all your questions.

A custom health food display in Ft. Lauderdale.

Custom Health Food Displays In Ft. Lauderdale Can Make Your Products Stand Out.

There is a problem with health food in that it doesn’t “stand out”. An organic apple is no prettier than a non-organic one. In fact, quite often the reverse is true. But, of course, the profits in this example are in organic. Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can help to make your products stand out and improve the customer experience.

Cepero Remodeling makes display stands of every description and all to your own design if you wish. Alternatively, with our long experience of creating unique display stands we can offer you many ideas for POS displays that will increase sales and profits.

For instance, you could have a single sided display stand showing a range of health foods of a particular brand. A box at the top of the display housing a video screen can have an actor describing the benefits of the products on an ongoing loop which will attract customer attention and promote sales for you: it would not be economic to have a member of staff standing there all day doing the same thing.

Not Just Products

Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale business don’t just have to display products. You can create a display stand that holds leaflets and flyers that describe the benefits of products. An island stand with shelves for products on all four sides located near the store entrance could promote “health food of the week” or “special offer of the week”.

Single sided display units can be designed with automatic feed, keeping the product at the front of the shelf as the sale is made and improving range visibility. Shelf lighting can be added to highlight displays, drive additional traffic, improve the consumer experience, and increase the amount of time spent in the section, all leading to increased sales. Display units can have a curved front which breaks up the normal linear look of the gondola and catches attention.

Our custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can also be designed to be wall-mounted. In fact the possibilities for custom displays are virtually limitless. Cepero Remodeling has been in the business of designing and producing them for years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly come over to your store and discuss your ideas.

Custom office furniture in a Ft. Lauderdale home office.

Make Your Home Office In Ft. Lauderdale Unique With Custom Office Furniture

Having your own home office in Ft. Lauderdale has several benefits. Not the least of them is the fact that there is no commute. You just walk about ten paces and you’re at work. Ten more and you are home again. It can save you two or three hours a day stuck in traffic with all the consequent aggravation that brings.

Another big advantage of having a home office is that YOU design it. You are not working in a building designed by others whose ideas may not appeal to you at all. A big part of that design should be custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale “home office” or “office office.”

Why Custom Office Furniture?

Why custom office furniture? Again, it’s because you can have it built in exactly the way that you wish, rather than having to choose something designed by someone else.

Have you ever looked at a desk and thought “I could do with something a little bit bigger”? Or “I could really use another couple of drawers”? Or “Well, that desk doesn’t look too bad, but I wish it was made out of cherry wood”?

You are going to spend a lot of time in your home office so it’s worth having it exactly the way you want it rather than making do with something designed by someone else. You want your office chair to be totally comfortable because you spend a lot of hours sitting in it. Perhaps you have clients coming to visit you, so you want a comfortable easy chair for them to sit in. Custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale office can give you exactly what you want.

A Room In Which You WANT To Be

Your office needs to be a room in which you WANT to be rather than have to be. Certainly you do have to be in there, so it might as well ooze comfort and appeal and help to make your working day a pleasure. You can have paintings on the walls. You can have a refrigerator with your favorite tipple in there. You can arrange the furniture so that you can easily look out at the beauty of your yard, or the fields or woods behind your home when you are sitting at your desk. All of this can be achieved with custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale office, whether it’s in your home or in your business.

We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing custom office furniture to our clients’ specifications for many years, so we have a lot of ideas that might suit you. We will be happy to visit you at a convenient time and answer all your questions.


Creating an Eye-Catching Custom Supermarket Display for Your Ft. Lauderdale Store

The profit that you make at the end of the day in any supermarket is entirely dependent on the way in which you display your products. In a nutshell, the better the display, the better they will sell.

Any good chef will tell you that it is not enough simply to cook good food. It must be presented in an appetising manner. This is why farmers who grow parsley make a good living. Not many people eat parsley, but tons of it is sold to restaurateurs who use it as a garnish to add to the visual appeal of the dish.

Some restaurants display photographs of their more expensive dishes on the walls in order to persuade customers to buy.

Custom Displays for Your Supermarket Can Make A Big Difference

The same thing applies to your displays, and this is where custom supermarket displays Ft. Lauderdale can make a big difference to your bottom line. It is not enough just to stock good products – you need to display them in a way that makes your customers sit up and take notice and want to buy.

When thinking about how to display your products it is a good idea to decide on a theme. That doesn’t mean that your custom supermarket display designs for your Ft. Lauderdale store all have to be exactly the same, but if you have a theme running through your store it will look a whole lot better than random shelves and fittings. You have probably been into a store where everything seemed to be random, and it likely will have put you off wanting to return.

At Cepero Remodeling we will happily sit down with you and discuss ideas for custom supermarket displays Ft. Lauderdale in your store. You may want single sided displays to line a wall, or island tower displays with shelves on all four sides. The latter are always a good idea because customers become intrigued to see what is on the other side and will usually walk all around the display, thus looking at everything on the shelves.

Backlighting Or Mirrors

To add to the visual impact, custom display shelves can have backlighting installed or could have mirrors at the back of the shelves. When considering custom displays design of any description it is always a good idea to visit the stores of competitors to see what they are doing and get a feel for the kind of impression they are creating. This will give you some good ideas for your own store and at the same time will tell you what to avoid.

You also need to consider whether your custom displays should all be permanent or whether some should be movable. With permanent displays your store will look the same at all times, but movable displays give you the chance to change things around so that your store does not become boring for regular customers.

We have lots of ideas for custom supermarket displays, so give us a call and we’ll gladly come over for a meeting. We’re Fort Lauderdale’s #1 shop for custom display design, and not just for supermarkets!