The CNC Design of Furniture for West Palm Beach Homes and Businesses

Right, we’re going to get all techie on you now! We happen to be one of the very few businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach that owns and operates a custom numerical control (CNC) machine.

Huh? What’s a custom numerical control machine and why should I care?

A custom numerical control machine is an amazing piece of machinery that makes designing and producing custom furniture a lot easier than it used to be. Our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach homes and businesses can produce anything that you need very quickly, and everything will be unique to you and your business or your home.

Flexibility via CNC Design Technology

Custom machining permits product flexibility. The starting materials may be in sheets, solid blocks, or rolls, and a skilled machinist can turn that material into anything that you wish with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach businesses or homeowners. Any type of part or item of any shape or size, and as complex as you need it to be.

So, for instance, you may own a store in West Palm Beach and need a custom display stand in order to promote your products. We can design and produce it for you exactly as you wish, and it will be unique to your store. Nobody else will have one quite like it. It is not just a question of being unique, but displaying products to the best advantage to produce more sales: the bottom line is what is most important.

Display units can be single sided for positioning against a wall or freestanding double sided to be used as an island unit.

Custom Office Furniture for Your Home or Business

We can design and create custom office furniture – desks, cabinets, tables, chairs – anything that you can think of can be produced with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach residents and businesses.

Of course, because it is a machine we can produce one item or a thousand, as required. If you have an idea for a unique product that you want to sell, we can produce it on our machine and reproduce it as often as you wish. If you need 100 a month or 1,000 a month it can be done.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we can build custom designed cabinetry in any shape, size, and finish that you desire. There really are limitless possibilities with custom numerical control machining: the world is your oyster.

Talk to us about your requirements for display stands, furniture, or products of any description. We will be happy to visit you and answer all your questions.