Custom Numerical Control: the Brilliance of CNC Design Technology

CNC Machine Services


We’re known throughout the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas as one of the leading design companies for kiosks, office furniture, custom cabinets and more.

Our secret is the very modern technology of CNC machine design, or custom numerical control. Our CAD-CAM capabilities are available for your custom project.

Whether you simply need some precision cut wood panels or specialty designs in plastic or acrylic, we are willing and able to help you get your project done.


Among the type of project we can work on are the following:

  • Custom Kiosks. Businesses come to us for custom kiosk design for in-store displays and trade shows. CNC machine design allows us to translate a computer image into reality.
  • POP (Point of Purchase) Displays. Consumers take beautiful design, for granted, especially in high end retail like health food stores, clothing stores, eyeglass shops, etc. CNC design is used for precision.
  • Custom Cabinets. Our CNC machine technology means that we can design your custom cabinets with a degree of precision, nearly unknown in the industry. Behind even traditional cabinets will be a very high tech technology: custom numerical control.

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The first step towards your vision of unique, custom kiosks, displays, cabinets or other items is to reach out to us. We’re convenient to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, so don’t hesitate! We’re proud of our CNC technology and would love to give you a demo.

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