Custom POP Design: A Unique Perspective on Point of Purchase

Custom POP (Point of Purchase) DesignA great POP (point of purchase) design sets the stage for a great consumer experience. A really good design is both unique and invisible.

By unique, we mean that our POP designs will stand out and reflect the unique brand image of your company and your products. By invisible, we mean that the point of purchase design itself (e.g., a store display or mall kiosk) will be ‘invisible’ to the user, who will see the products displayed well. 

A great POP design marries uniqueness and invisibility to showcase your unique brand.


Among the issues to be considered are the following:


  • Your budget. We can work with you on any budget constraint, as we use our state-of-the-art CNC machine services to build out your POP display.
  • Your Brand Image. Whether your brand image is traditional or modern, our custom POP display design will make you unique and will be in accord with your brand image.
  • Materials. Within the constraints of your budget we will work with you to identify and use the highest quality materials for the final point-of-purchase display, whether made from wood, or other types of materials such as plastic or metal.


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