Custom POP (Point of Purchase) Displays & Kiosks for Miami

Point of purchase marketing – also known as POP marketing – has long been used as a method of getting customers to make an impulse purchase while waiting in the queue at the sales till. Usually the value of the purchase will be quite low, but all of those little extra profits add up, so if you are not using POP marketing you are leaving money on the table.

At Cepero Remodeling we know all about displays for custom point of purchase displays and kiosks in Miami, as we have been creating one-off custom display equipment for store owners for many years.

In The Spending Mood

At the point of purchase in many stores the customer is already in the spending mood and may have selected goods worth hundreds of dollars in some cases, so spending an extra two or three dollars is no “big deal”. But it is vital, quite naturally, to display the “add-on” purchase in a manner which will persuade the customer to buy it.

This is why display equipment for custom point of purchase Miami has to be designed taking into account what the customer is thinking at the checkout. This is where our expertise at Cepero Remodeling comes into play; we’re the “place to go” to get a custom POP display designed for your business

Brainstorming a Custom POP Display

What we do is come and take a look at your store and your checkout area and do some brainstorming. This enables us to go away and design a custom point of purchase Miami display that – not to put too fine a point on it – will blow your socks off. More importantly, it will blow your customers’ socks off. We need your customer to be thinking “Yes, I WANT that” and add it to his basket.

Because the equipment that we design is unique to your store your customers will never have seen anything like it anywhere else. So it creates impact, and impact is what you need.

There are a few things to remember about custom point of purchase displays, not the least of which is for the offers to be changed regularly. Once your customer has seen the same offer for a few weeks it loses impact, so you need to change the offers every month or so. For example, if you have a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on display for too long the customer will think that there is no urgency because it will still be there next week.

Point of purchase marketing can be used for many different purposes. For instance, you might display batteries next to toys or torches that are battery operated. Candy and magazines are good impulse purchases. In an electrical store you might display an extra time warranty.

Whatever you sell in your store, talk to us about POP marketing displays.