Custom Retail Casework: A Synergy of Design with Technology

Custom Retail Casework


Custom casework refers to the unique cabinet or ‘cases’ that can showcase your retail products. Using our state-of-the-art technology, our designers will work with you from the design phase to prototyping to the final custom casework.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise is known throughout many industries, from retail jewelers to retail health food stores to even trade show or other more business-to-business uses of custom casework. 

Our goal is to showcase your products in an elegant, efficient way without becoming the ‘star’ of the show, so to speak.



Among the issues to be considered are the following:

  • Your budget. We can work with you on any budget constraint, as we use our state-of-the-art CNC machine services to build out the kind of custom casework your business envisions.
  • Your Brand Image. Whether your brand image is modern or more traditional in nature, our designers will work with you to fabricate custom casework the blends with your brand.
  • Materials. We utilize the highest quality materials, and these materials are not an afterthought to the design process of custom casework.


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The power of the Internet is the power for you to find a superior vendor. But it only goes so far. Beyond browsing our website to learn more about our custom casework services, contact us today to brainstorm a unique display or cabinet for your products!

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