Custom kiosks for a Miami trade show.

Look Good at a Miami Trade Show with a Custom Trade Show Kiosk Design

Miami holds many major trade shows during the course of each year, and 2017 will be no exception. Just over the course of a couple of weeks we have had or are just about to have the Miami Book Fair International, South Florida Plumbing & Mechanical Trade Show & Expo, The Florida General Merchandise Show, Jahzara Saphir Bridal Expo, international Money Transfer Conference, AV Executive Conference And Expo, Boomer Nation Expo, Bucklers Craft Fair Harvest Miami, and South Florida’s Premier Local Bride Shows – and all of that is just over the course of two weeks!

If you are exhibiting at one of these shows during 2017, or any other of the many shows here, you will need to display your products and/or services to their best advantage, and the most effective way to do this is by using custom trade show kiosks in Miami, Florida. When it comes to custom trade show kiosks we have had years of experience in producing them for many different types of businesses, enabling them to get stellar results from their few days or week of effort.

A Very Short Window for Your Custom Design in Miami

When you are an exhibitor at a trade show you only have a very short window in which to achieve your aims, so it doesn’t pay to cut corners on displays. You need nothing but the very best custom trade show kiosks in Miami, Florida, and we are the company that can provide them.

Of course, by their very nature, custom trade show kiosks for shows in Miami, Florida are bound to be very different in their look depending on exactly what it is that you want to display and achieve. You might want something on which to mount a touch screen display, a kiosk to show off any type of product from a bridal display to an electric screwdriver to your latest all singing, all dancing game controller, or a kiosk on which to display leaflets about your product, service, charity, or whatever else is necessary to achieve your aim.

You Can Trust Cepero, Miami’s Top-rated Custom Kiosk Design Company

Whatever it is that you need, you can trust Cepero to design it and build it exactly according to your requirements. We are happy to sit down with you either at our premises or yours and discuss your needs in order that we can produce your custom kiosks in plenty of time in your own “backyard”.

If you are from out of town you will find it an advantage to use our expertise, because we can deliver your kiosks direct to the show building here in Miami, saving you the trouble of packing up kiosks and the expense of shipping them – always with the possibility that something might get damaged in transit. The last thing you need when exhibiting at a trade show is to find that your kiosks are damaged just when you are about to set up!

custom closets West Palm Beach

Custom Closets Get West Palm Beach Customers ‘In the Mood’

It has always been said that a big walk-in closet spelled luxury. That’s still true, but nothing spells luxury more than a custom walk-in closet designed to be unique for your home or store. We can provide custom closet designs West Palm Beach that that will take your breath away. More importantly, they will take away the breath of your customers, keep them lingering longer as they explore your shelves and rails, and get them pulling out their credit cards. (Note we do this both for stores, and for homes, in West Palm Beach.

Not Just Restricted To Clothing

Custom closet designs in West Palm Beach are mostly used for displaying clothing and footwear, but of course they don’t have to be restricted to that. You can use custom closets to display anything you like – kitchen hardware, electronic gadgets, laptops, lighting, artworks, toys, perfumes – anything at all. Closets make customers feel comfortable since it appears that they are in a space of their own, rather than out on the shop floor with dozens of other customers milling around. It enables them to take their time exploring what you have to offer and puts them in the buying mood.

Of course, custom closet designs in West Palm Beach are not just for retail purposes. Many homes in West Palm Beach have their own walk-in closets for the lady of the house and some have them for the man too. It is just sheer luxury to be able to browse your shelves of shoes, rails of dresses, rows of different jeans, sweaters, pullovers, skirts, and more, while you make the decision on what to wear today.

custom commercial fixtures

Your Store, Your Castle: Custom Commercial Fixtures for Miami Businesses

There is an old saying in England from many years ago that “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. If you think about that for a moment, it’s true. Even if you don’t actually live in a castle (and how many people do you know who do?) nonetheless your home is of just as much importance to you as a castle would be to an English duke.

If you own a retail store in South Florida – Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach – the same thing applies to that. Unless you happen to be the owner of a national chain, your store is your livelihood. That really makes it the most important thing in your life. Your other “castle” – your home – may not exist without your store.

Your Retail Castle in Miami Needs Custom Fixtures

It follows that you have to take every possible care of your retail castle, which means seeing to it that you maximize every last square inch of space to ensure that you squeeze the very last drop of profit from it. Put like that, it sounds obvious, but it is astonishing how many store owners lose sight of that fact.

Certainly, you can utilize many ways to get customers into your store, whether it’s in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, but if they leave without buying anything then the time and money you spent was worthless. In fact, it COST you money!

So what’s the answer?


In a word: conversions.

You have to convert visitors into PAYING customers, otherwise they are simply that: visitors. They came into your store, wandered around, had a look, and left. What good does that do for your bottom line?

How do you increase conversions? Answer: with custom commercial store fixtures. Custom commercial store fixtures that make your customers want to pull out their credit cards and BUY!  (We know, we’re the leading company in Miami to make custom store displays, fixtures, and kiosks).

Instead of your merchandise sitting on boring old shelves like those of your competitors, you need to stand out. Our custom commercial store fixtures are designed to achieve the precise result that you need and want.

When we say “custom” we mean exactly that. There are lots of places where you can buy shelving and display units, and to a certain extent they will do a job. By “custom” we mean display units and fixtures that are a “one-off” designed for your store and your store only. No competitor will have anything like them, and they are designed with only one object in mind – sales!

Contact us for a Custom Quote on Custom Fixtures

When it comes to custom store fixtures we have years of experience. We know what makes stock look attractive and what makes customers want to buy. Let us design something really special for your store. Put your stock on our custom fixtures and stand by to watch the shelves empty!

The only problem you will have is filling them up again fast enough!

A Ft. Lauderdale kitchen cabinet design project

Ft. Lauderdale Custom Kitchen Cabinets: For The Most Important Room

Many residents of Ft. Lauderdale would say that the main room in their home is the living room. However, for a surprising number of people this is not the case. A large number of 21st century Americans now spend more time in their kitchens than anywhere else, other than the bedroom.

The kitchen has become a room which is not just used for cooking, but is used for dining and entertaining guests as well. This is the reason that so many people are remodeling their kitchens to bring them up to a standard of which they can be proud, and in which they are happy to entertain.

Indeed, many people are now spending more money on the kitchen than on anything else. Custom kitchen cabinets Ft. Lauderdale are no longer a luxury item, but a necessity. From the point of view of many, the quality of kitchen cabinetry can make or break the room.

Endless Design Possibilities for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The design possibilities for custom kitchen cabinets Ft. Lauderdale are almost endless. There is a huge choice of woods from which to choose, and they can be finished in so many different ways. Some people go for the clean-lined modern look, while others will prefer more traditional designs.

Of course, when you are considering remodeling your kitchen you have to take into account its’ shape, its’ size, natural daylight, and also your budget. For example if your kitchen is large enough you can have a central island. This can be used as a place to eat, but it can also be used for food preparation or you could place your range there. You can have drawers underneath, or cupboards for storage.

Most custom kitchen cabinets Ft. Lauderdale are designed to back on to the walls and they can have doors in a range of different styles. They can be free-standing up to about waist height, and can be wall hung to reach as high as the ceiling. Cabinet surfaces can be of many materials, but things such as quartz and granite are very popular today. Ceramic or stone tile is hard-wearing, while plastic laminates are inexpensive but not nearly as durable as some surfaces.


You also need to consider countertops that are going to be near to the range. Do you want to be able to put pans from the range on to the countertop? You are not able to do this with many materials. Equally, do you want to be able to chop foods directly on the countertop? Some materials will withstand this kind of punishment while others won’t.

Remodeling your kitchen is something that you need to sit down and consider thoroughly. After all, if you are going to be spending most of your time in there you need to get it right.

As custom kitchen cabinet builders of long standing we have plenty of design ideas, so we are always happy to meet you and give you the benefit of our experience.

A custom numerical control machine in West Palm Beach.

The CNC Design of Furniture for West Palm Beach Homes and Businesses

Right, we’re going to get all techie on you now! We happen to be one of the very few businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach that owns and operates a custom numerical control (CNC) machine.

Huh? What’s a custom numerical control machine and why should I care?

A custom numerical control machine is an amazing piece of machinery that makes designing and producing custom furniture a lot easier than it used to be. Our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach homes and businesses can produce anything that you need very quickly, and everything will be unique to you and your business or your home.

Flexibility via CNC Design Technology

Custom machining permits product flexibility. The starting materials may be in sheets, solid blocks, or rolls, and a skilled machinist can turn that material into anything that you wish with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach businesses or homeowners. Any type of part or item of any shape or size, and as complex as you need it to be.

So, for instance, you may own a store in West Palm Beach and need a custom display stand in order to promote your products. We can design and produce it for you exactly as you wish, and it will be unique to your store. Nobody else will have one quite like it. It is not just a question of being unique, but displaying products to the best advantage to produce more sales: the bottom line is what is most important.

Display units can be single sided for positioning against a wall or freestanding double sided to be used as an island unit.

Custom Office Furniture for Your Home or Business

We can design and create custom office furniture – desks, cabinets, tables, chairs – anything that you can think of can be produced with our custom numerical control services for West Palm Beach residents and businesses.

Of course, because it is a machine we can produce one item or a thousand, as required. If you have an idea for a unique product that you want to sell, we can produce it on our machine and reproduce it as often as you wish. If you need 100 a month or 1,000 a month it can be done.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we can build custom designed cabinetry in any shape, size, and finish that you desire. There really are limitless possibilities with custom numerical control machining: the world is your oyster.

Talk to us about your requirements for display stands, furniture, or products of any description. We will be happy to visit you and answer all your questions.

A custom health food display in Ft. Lauderdale.

Custom Health Food Displays In Ft. Lauderdale Can Make Your Products Stand Out.

There is a problem with health food in that it doesn’t “stand out”. An organic apple is no prettier than a non-organic one. In fact, quite often the reverse is true. But, of course, the profits in this example are in organic. Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can help to make your products stand out and improve the customer experience.

Cepero Remodeling makes display stands of every description and all to your own design if you wish. Alternatively, with our long experience of creating unique display stands we can offer you many ideas for POS displays that will increase sales and profits.

For instance, you could have a single sided display stand showing a range of health foods of a particular brand. A box at the top of the display housing a video screen can have an actor describing the benefits of the products on an ongoing loop which will attract customer attention and promote sales for you: it would not be economic to have a member of staff standing there all day doing the same thing.

Not Just Products

Custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale business don’t just have to display products. You can create a display stand that holds leaflets and flyers that describe the benefits of products. An island stand with shelves for products on all four sides located near the store entrance could promote “health food of the week” or “special offer of the week”.

Single sided display units can be designed with automatic feed, keeping the product at the front of the shelf as the sale is made and improving range visibility. Shelf lighting can be added to highlight displays, drive additional traffic, improve the consumer experience, and increase the amount of time spent in the section, all leading to increased sales. Display units can have a curved front which breaks up the normal linear look of the gondola and catches attention.

Our custom health food displays for your Ft. Lauderdale store can also be designed to be wall-mounted. In fact the possibilities for custom displays are virtually limitless. Cepero Remodeling has been in the business of designing and producing them for years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly come over to your store and discuss your ideas.

Custom office furniture in a Ft. Lauderdale home office.

Make Your Home Office In Ft. Lauderdale Unique With Custom Office Furniture

Having your own home office in Ft. Lauderdale has several benefits. Not the least of them is the fact that there is no commute. You just walk about ten paces and you’re at work. Ten more and you are home again. It can save you two or three hours a day stuck in traffic with all the consequent aggravation that brings.

Another big advantage of having a home office is that YOU design it. You are not working in a building designed by others whose ideas may not appeal to you at all. A big part of that design should be custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale “home office” or “office office.”

Why Custom Office Furniture?

Why custom office furniture? Again, it’s because you can have it built in exactly the way that you wish, rather than having to choose something designed by someone else.

Have you ever looked at a desk and thought “I could do with something a little bit bigger”? Or “I could really use another couple of drawers”? Or “Well, that desk doesn’t look too bad, but I wish it was made out of cherry wood”?

You are going to spend a lot of time in your home office so it’s worth having it exactly the way you want it rather than making do with something designed by someone else. You want your office chair to be totally comfortable because you spend a lot of hours sitting in it. Perhaps you have clients coming to visit you, so you want a comfortable easy chair for them to sit in. Custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale office can give you exactly what you want.

A Room In Which You WANT To Be

Your office needs to be a room in which you WANT to be rather than have to be. Certainly you do have to be in there, so it might as well ooze comfort and appeal and help to make your working day a pleasure. You can have paintings on the walls. You can have a refrigerator with your favorite tipple in there. You can arrange the furniture so that you can easily look out at the beauty of your yard, or the fields or woods behind your home when you are sitting at your desk. All of this can be achieved with custom office furniture for your Ft. Lauderdale office, whether it’s in your home or in your business.

We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing custom office furniture to our clients’ specifications for many years, so we have a lot of ideas that might suit you. We will be happy to visit you at a convenient time and answer all your questions.

Custom Liquor display in Miami

Liquor Store Custom Displays & Cabinets: What’s so Special?

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing very exciting about liquor. It’s mostly either clear (gin and vodka for instance) so it looks like water, or various shades of brown. True, there’s red wine and port, but they come in dark green or dark brown bottles so they look almost black. So how do you make liquor stand out in Miami displays?

The answer is in Miami liquor store displays – custom displays or kiosks for your store, more specifically. The accent is on the word custom – designed and built just for your store. So no other liquor store in Miami – or anywhere else for that matter – will have a display like yours. Yours is unique.

At Cepero Remodeling we have been designing and building custom liquor in-store displays as well as custom product shelving for many years, and we know how to provide affordable shelving and fixtures, and retail display units for liquor stores and wine shops.

Strong: That’s What Our Cabinets Are

One obvious fact is that shelving for liquor has to be strong, because many bottles together add up to a heavy weight. Gondola shelving is very often used by liquor stores and it can be designed as gondola wall units, or double sided gondola units, with gondola end caps in addition.

Many liquor stores use gondola wall shelving that is 6’ to 8’ high with bases of 20” to 24”. Deeper bases allow for more liquor bottles on the bottom of the unit. If using double sided gondola units on the sales floor it is usually recommended that they be no more than 5’ high for security purposes, so that you can easily see over the top. A gondola unit of that height will usually allow for a base and three shelves.

Ivory And Black

Miami liquor store displays – custom – are often ordered in ivory, although it has to be said that black provides what many think is a more classy look.

Because all of the liquor store displays that we design are custom-designed and custom-built, it follows that you can have a channel on the front of the shelves to hold display labels, channel label holders, decorative vinyl inserts, and sign holders. In addition, you can have gondola shelf dividers, gondola fences, and gondola baskets in order to organize your liquor bottle displays and other merchandise.

In addition, many liquor store owners planning Miami liquor store displays – custom – opt for specially designed shelving for inventory. While it has no need to look as appealing as a front of house display, inventory needs to be easy to identify and easy to pick up to move to the retail area.

At Cepero Remodeling we can also design custom checkouts, display tables, register stands, and more, to match the theme of your store. Just call us for details. We’re the #1 designer of custom cabinets for both businesses and homeowners in Miami and all of South Florida!

Custom POP (Point of Purchase) Displays & Kiosks for Miami

Custom POP (Point of Purchase) Displays & Kiosks for Miami

Point of purchase marketing – also known as POP marketing – has long been used as a method of getting customers to make an impulse purchase while waiting in the queue at the sales till. Usually the value of the purchase will be quite low, but all of those little extra profits add up, so if you are not using POP marketing you are leaving money on the table.

At Cepero Remodeling we know all about displays for custom point of purchase displays and kiosks in Miami, as we have been creating one-off custom display equipment for store owners for many years.

In The Spending Mood

At the point of purchase in many stores the customer is already in the spending mood and may have selected goods worth hundreds of dollars in some cases, so spending an extra two or three dollars is no “big deal”. But it is vital, quite naturally, to display the “add-on” purchase in a manner which will persuade the customer to buy it.

This is why display equipment for custom point of purchase Miami has to be designed taking into account what the customer is thinking at the checkout. This is where our expertise at Cepero Remodeling comes into play; we’re the “place to go” to get a custom POP display designed for your business

Brainstorming a Custom POP Display

What we do is come and take a look at your store and your checkout area and do some brainstorming. This enables us to go away and design a custom point of purchase Miami display that – not to put too fine a point on it – will blow your socks off. More importantly, it will blow your customers’ socks off. We need your customer to be thinking “Yes, I WANT that” and add it to his basket.

Because the equipment that we design is unique to your store your customers will never have seen anything like it anywhere else. So it creates impact, and impact is what you need.

There are a few things to remember about custom point of purchase displays, not the least of which is for the offers to be changed regularly. Once your customer has seen the same offer for a few weeks it loses impact, so you need to change the offers every month or so. For example, if you have a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on display for too long the customer will think that there is no urgency because it will still be there next week.

Point of purchase marketing can be used for many different purposes. For instance, you might display batteries next to toys or torches that are battery operated. Candy and magazines are good impulse purchases. In an electrical store you might display an extra time warranty.

Whatever you sell in your store, talk to us about POP marketing displays.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach

Custom Kiosk Designs for West Palm Beach: Back to the Malls!

They say that malls are dying. Er, no. Not true. The high end malls are standing the test of time, thank you very much.

If you own a store in one of the better malls one of the best ways to get people through the door is to have a custom kiosk in the mall. You don’t even need to have a store at all. Many businesses today are making a small fortune just from having kiosks.

Take Cellairis for instance. This company sells batteries, chargers, phone cases, and other accessories for iPhones, iPads, and Android wireless devices. It has 720 retail outlets, most of them no bigger than 20 square feet. Yet these custom kiosks that they operate turn over no less than $400 million a year with fewer than 200 employees.

2,300 Malls

There are some 2,300 malls in the US and between them they have over 50,000 shopping carts, kiosks, and automated vending locations.

Malls are here to stay – and so are kiosks. A custom kiosk design will make your “shop” stand out!

Of course, you need a properly designed kiosk in order to attract the customers. You have to make them stop and make them look. When you have done that, then they buy. At Cepero Remodeling one of our specialties is mall kiosk design West Palm Beach. Whatever you want to sell, we can create a mall kiosk like no other. You have a constant stream of people going by and all you need to do is make them stop.

This is very different from owning a mall store because in that case you have to use window displays to get customers into the store before they see your offerings, but with a kiosk they can see exactly what you sell as they walk by. Our mall kiosk design West Palm Beach will make them stop and look.

Every One Is Unique

Naturally, there is a lot more to mall kiosk design West Palm Beach than just throwing a few tables together and putting products on them. Every mall kiosk that we design is a one-off: it is unique to your particular business and will be created around the type of products that you sell. For instance, if you sell chargers and batteries for mobile devices as Cellairis does, you will need a totally different design of kiosk than if you are selling works of art, pet food, or guitars.

Every requirement is different, but going into the mall kiosk business can be very big business indeed, and certainly something that any savvy retailer should consider. You don’t have to get the customers into your store because your store is right there. You don’t need to do any advertising because your potential customers find you – not the other way around.

Yes, malls are alive and well in the 21st century. If you are in retail, it’s time to take advantage of the huge benefits offered by mall kiosks. If you’re in West Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, give us a call to discuss your custom kiosk design project.

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